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I finished this quilt last week, and it's now off at its new home, so I figured I'd share. This was originally intended to be a test-run for the disappearing nine patch pattern - I wanted something quick and fun, just to see how it went together, and I was going to donate it to Project Linus. One of my friends saw it in its half-completed state, and the rest, as they say, is history. All the photos should click through to much larger images. ^_^

PIRATES! I found the pirate fabric months ago, on clearance at JoAnn's. I stalk their red-tag fabric, hunting for interesting stuff (mostly flannels) for my quilting stash. Anyway, I bought several yards of the pirate fabric, and several more of the same print in a blue/green colorway. I figured it would appeal to a certain kind of teenage girl: the kind that likes pink AND skulls and crossbones. To keep the quilt from being overwhelmingly pink, I went with the pirate fabric as my focal print, with pink just for an accent. For reference, the pirate squares are 6 inches, finished.

I had a really hard time getting the color to reproduce accurately. The lighting was not optimal, and the quilt is REALLY BRIGHT. The border fabric is NEON PINK and NEON GREEN. It's kind of horrifying, really. XD The whole quilt is kind of couch sized - it makes a good lap quilt.

The backing fabric. The color is pretty accurate here - just imagine it slightly brighter. You can also see my (slightly wobbly) machine quilting. The nine patches are all cotton flannel, the black, the green and pink border, and the back are plain cotton fabric. I used wool batting, and the quilt is tied with cotton embroidery floss (except for two lines of machine quilting.)

So, the friend that saw the quilt - he's a big guy, a few inches over six foot and solidly built. Back in high school he went through a giant punk phase, with the boots and the leather jacket and the multiple piercings. For a while he even had a green mohawk. He walked into my sewing room, gaped at the quilt squares laid out awkwardly on my sewing table, and said, "I want that quilt. I need that quilt. I will pay you for that quilt." I laughed and told him he could have it. He was very pleased. I'm just glad I finished it in a reasonable amount of time, and that I finished it before the weather got warm. The heater in his apartment doesn't work, so it should get some use.

Edited to add the questionnaire thing:
1. How long have you been quilting? I've been sewing for about fourteen years now. I have been actively making quilts for maybe three.
2. Where are you located? San Francisco Bay Area, California.
3. What methods of quilting do you use? My quilts are all tied quilts. I use cotton embroidery floss, and I like to vary the colors to accent the design of the quilt.
4. What kind of sewing machine do you use? Husqvarna Viking 320! I love my machine.
5. What kind of fabrics do you like? (e.g. 40's repo, civil war, brights, solids, batiks) Depends entirely on the quilt. Batiks are a lot of fun, but I rarely buy all the fabric for a quilt at any one time.
6. What is your favorite quilting website (or websites!)? I don't have a favorite quilting website! I'm terribly old fashioned and mostly find patterns in books.
7. Where did you learn to quilt? I taught myself. Since I already knew how to sew, it was mostly a matter of finding books. My father taught me how to properly tie a quilt, though - something he learned from his grandmother way back when he was a hippy and decided to make a quilt.
8. Do you quilt mostly for yourself or for gifts? Almost entirely as gifts. I make quilts for people I like, and for charity. I have a quilt planned for myself, but I can't find the one last fabric I need...
9. Do you buy fabric as you see it, or for projects? A mix of both, but mostly as I see it. When I have an idea for a quilt, I will usually go through my stash and see what I have that fits. If I need more fabric, I'll go out and buy more to supplement what I have.
10. Do you have any interests we could add to the profile? Hmm. Well, I'm the maintainer of [community profile] vintage_stitches, though it's sadly empty at the moment. Does that count?
11. Any other things you want to share? I think I'm good. ^_^

Date: 2011-03-15 09:22 pm (UTC)
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Welcome to the community!

I love that quilt! I have wanted to try the disappearing nine patch!


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