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Last time I posted here it was about the ridiculously bright, girly quilt that I gave to one of my guy friends. Well, he married my best friend, and they found out in spring that they were expecting a baby! I, of course, told them I was making a baby quilt, but since the baby wasn't due until December, I figured I had some time to finish the dorm-bed quilt I'm making for my brother.

Then my friend went into labor at 27 1/2 weeks, and they found out they were having twin girls. Cue me abandoning my other projects and frantically rifling through my fabric stash while my friend was stuck in the hospital as they tried to convince the babies to stay put until the all-important 28th week. I didn't get the quilts done by the time the babies were born (they weren't having any of this waiting around, they wanted out NOW!) but I got them done before the girls came home. And thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, my friend and her two lovely daughters are all doing great. The girls are the loudest babies in the NICU! ^_^

I had an assortment of batik scraps lying around, that I'd bought at rummage-sale sort of thing, which I combined with some batik I had left over from another quilt project. The pictures should click through for larger images.

I made this one first. I was going for maximum cheerful brightness, and I knew my friends weren't going to do the whole pink for girls thing.

This was the second quilt top. Initially I didn't like it nearly as much as the blue and yellow top, but I think I've come around to it. They each have a very different feeling, even though they're essentially the same pattern. The blue quilt has a lot more texture.

The backs are this adorable pink bunny fabric I picked up years ago because it was too cute to resist.

The quilt blocks are all from Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match by Susan Briscoe. The center blocks are slightly altered Meisen maru (Meisan silk circle,) the quasi-ninepatch blocks are Kurume kasuri igeta (Kurume well curb,) and the corner blocks are Kurume kasuri fukumoji (stylized good luck character,) because I figured the girls could use some good luck.

All the designs in Briscoe's book sew up into nine inch blocks. On the one hand, this is nice because you can use any combinations of blocks you choose. On the other hand, it means that with the complex designs, you end up having to futz around with one inch strips. Even with strip-piecing, that was a royal pain. The purple quilt in particular just drove me to distraction - I don't know what it was, but I kept making mistake after mistake, and having to rip out seams. I told my friends to give the trouble-making quilt to the troublemaker of the two girls. ^_~


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