Nov. 4th, 2011

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Last time I posted here it was about the ridiculously bright, girly quilt that I gave to one of my guy friends. Well, he married my best friend, and they found out in spring that they were expecting a baby! I, of course, told them I was making a baby quilt, but since the baby wasn't due until December, I figured I had some time to finish the dorm-bed quilt I'm making for my brother.

Then my friend went into labor at 27 1/2 weeks, and they found out they were having twin girls. Cue me abandoning my other projects and frantically rifling through my fabric stash while my friend was stuck in the hospital as they tried to convince the babies to stay put until the all-important 28th week. I didn't get the quilts done by the time the babies were born (they weren't having any of this waiting around, they wanted out NOW!) but I got them done before the girls came home. And thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, my friend and her two lovely daughters are all doing great. The girls are the loudest babies in the NICU! ^_^

Two bright quilts for two feisty girls )


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